Sunday, November 12, 2006

Uncle Jesse revolutionizes streetwear

I vividly remember Full House from my childhood, and seeing Uncle Jesse (aka John Stamos) rocking the New Era 59/50. Needless to say, this was the early '90s. Now every streetwear company is doing collabos with New Era.

Take note of figure B: the V-neck collar tee, which Uncle J pulls off so well. By spring, you'll see every sneakerhead strutting down the street with the V on, even if they haven't sprouted the chest hair necessary for this look. I'm even starting to notice gangsters pull off the V.

Uncle J was always a trendsetter. This time he sparks the trend for the streets.

1 comment:

Rexinfx said...

hahaha, this is great. He was a badass dude, it doesn't surprise me that he was a decade early on the hot street fasion trends.