Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Ground!d's Orisue Field Trip.

Well, as if all this recent excitement over the new t-shirts droppin soon
and the new Spring Orisue that just came in wasn't enough for you...

Here's a lil behind the scenes with the Ground!d crew.

We went on a lil field trip to the Orisue Office and Warehouse.
We had to go there to pick up their Spring line and talk about
whats to come and the future of streetwear.

We got a look at the fall samples and a couple other samples.
(sorry, no pictures.)

But I did snap a couple to give you guys an inside look of the Orisue Warehouse.
Checkin out the Spring Catalog to see what we like.
Boxes of clothes.
Scott and the catalog.

Well thats all folks.
This is jon from ground!d
reminding all of you to...

Stay Original.
Stay Ground!d.

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