Saturday, December 09, 2006

Better i-dear

So our boy Jayson came by the shop and we had a conversation…

Long story short: German officials seized over 1,000,000 pairs of counterfeit shoes and destroyed them all to send a message.

Okay, great. Right?

Not exactly. We at Groundid hate fake sneakers just as much as any respectable shoe connoisseur but we bought in to Jayson’s idea.

Better i-dear.

There are hundreds of millions of kids in Africa, India and other third-world countries playing and running around without shoes. Many of those children die every year due to infections caused by going barefooted (a luxury we all take for granted here in the states). Ever think about donating those shoes to the kids in need? By doing so, you save the children and you also save invaluable landfill space.

Just a thought to help you stay groundid.

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