Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Leftside influence on streetwear, a safety issue?

New York will forever reign innovation in the world of streetwear, but the West Coast is inching up. Snoop's rag print shirt plays a vital role in one of streetwear's biggest label, the double C. You probably seen the zip-up hoody with this print. Gangster plaid is coming back strong, also.

Game recognize game.

A friend of Groundid who works for a clothing company brought up an interesting point. How safe is it to wear these prints in your neighborhood? If you live in the suburbs, like Lakewood or Cerritos, then it's all gravy -- but if you live on the eastside of the LBC, say 10th street, then...?

Personal bio. Honest truth. I live in a place where when you get dropped off, you have to run from the car into the house. The apartment complexes on my street have 15-foot fences. Walking to your neighbor's is a risk on my block. Ghetto birds make it hard to sleep at night.

It's important for me as a retailer to keep up with the trends, but being from where I'm from, I can't help but think safety first.

The store slogan used to be: Stay humble. Stay true. Stay groundid.

The new slogan just for this post: Stay fashionable. Stay safe. Stay groundid.

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Real Talk on talk!! Congrats on your store mang, Keep up the good work! Hit me up anytime at

Stay fashionable. Stay safe. Stay groundid.