Thursday, December 07, 2006

What’s the big deal?

So I guess these photos are the big rage on streetwear message boards, causing major commotion throughout the industry. I usually do not delve into other people’s business but I just have to give my two-cents on this one.

Why all the hate on Jonas and L-R-G? When it comes down to it, those are his hoodies, that’s his company, and that’s his money he’s burning -- so he can do as he pleases. Jonas did not become a millionaire by being a dumb dude. Period. There is probably a reason behind what he’s doing.

A lot of people basically hate on the man because he flosses grills and stunts chains. All I have to say is, he worked hard for that shit and he can stunt all he wants. I am proud of dude. The majority of the people dissin’ Jonas will never be on his level. He earned his keep. He turned an independent streetwear brand into a household name. Some say he sold out because Macys and major department stores carry his line. C’mon. That makes no sense to me at all. Most would not pass up that opportunity if it were presented to them. Getting big and selling out are two different things!

People; support yours when they do big things, and let’s end the negativity.

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