Tuesday, March 18, 2008

ground!d bbq.... continued.

Here are the pictures from the bbq.

Sketchpad Dino took some good ones.
Ivan pretty much took almost all of them after the first 6 or 7.
Sorry they aren't in any order.

Outside, It's still early.

Stay Ground!d.

Sketchpad loves Ground!d
Us at Ground!d have love for everyone, maybe too much love. haha

Custom cut stickers by jon.

Meet Gary. The Ground!d mascot. He's been here practically since day one.

"Bitch! You Got Ground!d!"


BBQ in Full Effect.

No Homo

There were so many other things
that should've got their own picture.
Wanna see them?
Too bad, you missed out if you werent there.
Don't worry though, just come next time.

Stay Livin the good life.
Stay Ground!d.


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