Monday, March 10, 2008

The Lost Tapes? no, lost blogs.

The Lost Blogs.
Well okay, not really just today.
I should've updated this blog last week, but i didn't setup this account yet.

Well anyways. Here you go, enjoy.

Here are some pics from when us at Ground!d ate pho` at pho` america.
It was good and cheap, just in the ghetto.

Before that we did notice the sun setting, ....beautiful.

In case you guys haven't visited the store yet..
An average day at Ground!d is like this.
That's Moria btw. Mr. Cool Guy.

If you're lucky, after 2pm you might find the rest of us.
If you've seen our myspace,
you can pretty much look at the top[enter ridiculous number here]
and find out who I'm talking about.

And to end it all, here is the lonely Ground!d flower.
We were outside and spotted this lonely flower outside our store.

Well, time to study.

p.s.- Next update will have videos of David dancing.

Stay Tuned.
Stay Ground!d.

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